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MyInkroom: Ink Management made simple

MyInkroom is not just a digital tool - it's Siegwerk’s strategic partner for ink management. With its user-friendly interface and powerful functionalities, it lets ink room managers focus on their core business by spending less time worrying about ink and more time on what matters most - improving operational efficiency.

MyInkroom helps inkroom staff make data-driven decisions to optimize their production processes. This in turn helps to increase sustainability with reduced waste and more eco-conscious practices for ink management.

The digital tool offers:

  • Real-time inventory monitoring and real-time tracking of ink levels in the dispensing system.
  • Automated online ordering which replenishment orders based on real-time inventory levels and usage patterns.
  • Download capabilities for safety data sheet (SDS) and other important documents.
  • Detailed reporting generation on ink inventory, usage, and in depth analytics.

“MyInkroom takes the guesstimates out of ink stock management for SIegwerk customers. Real-time ink consumption and stock visibility empower the digital order-to-delivery process, ensuring customers have the right ink in the right quantities at the right time.” said Ashish Yadav, Product Owner MyInkroom.

MyInkroom contributes to sustainability in several ways, both environmentally and economically. Through the elimination of excess inventory, using smart algorithms, optimal stock levels are easier to maintain. Reducing the number of deliveries translates to less transportation, and advanced return ink utilization ensures the reuse of standing inventory. Efficiency is further enhanced through streamlined printing processes and accurate forecasts. By optimizing ink usage and reducing waste, MyInkroom helps customers achieve their sustainability goals.

More information is available here.