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Global commitment to product safety: Siegwerk launches new Ink Safety Portal and Transparency Label

As a leader in product safety, with a focus on food packaging inks, Siegwerk launches its new Ink Safety Portal and Transparency Label underlining its commitment to consumer safety

Siegwerk, one of the leading suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications worldwide, has taken a further step in its global commitment to product safety. The launch of the new Ink Safety Portal and the introduction of a Transparency Label are further evidence to this commitment, which is based on proactive transparency and shared responsibility along the packaging value chain, and the manufacture and marketing of safe inks. Both initiatives, the Ink Safety Portal and the Transparency Label, are in line with Siegwerk’s ultimate goal of supporting customers in the manufacture of safe printed products.

Increasing awareness

Consumers are becoming increasingly critical of health-related aspects and personal well-being. This has been fostered by various packaging scandals in the past and present, specifically in terms of food safety. Siegwerk has been aware of the need for safe printing inks for packaging applications from the beginning and has made ink safety one of its guiding principles. Today, the company is a global leader in providing product safety guidance and has an expert team exclusively dedicated to this. Siegwerk’s product safety guidance includes global regulatory initiatives, brand owner requirements and safety and risk assessments targeting raw materials to end use applications. This is not only reflected in the company’s portfolio of safe printing inks, but also in the launch of the new Ink Safety Portal and the roll-out of the Transparency Label.

The Ink Safety Portal

Siegwerk’s new Ink Safety Portal ( is all about knowledge sharing. More specifically, the expert platform offers condensed knowledge on crucial Product Safety and Regulatory (PSR) topics with regard to printing ink ingredients, regulatory affairs, exposure assessments and safety evaluations.

This results in a diverse collection of the key elements relating to the subject of safe printing inks and safe food packaging. Siegwerk is thus bundling its expertise, making it available to customers and interested parties. The portal underlines Siegwerk’s claim to stand apart from the competition through high-quality services in the field of product safety. Sharing knowledge with customers is just one important component of this. Safe and legally compliant quality products form the basis for the trust of our customers – a key element for long-term relationships.  

In addition to legal requirements, Siegwerk is devoted to full compliance with self-commitments at the association level, including the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA). While these guidelines have a Europe-wide applicability, Siegwerk goes a step further by applying them globally. Finally, there are specific brand owner’s guidelines for printed packaging that Siegwerk needs to adhere to – efforts that are aimed at a highest possible product safety level.

A central element of the portal is to demonstrate how Siegwerk performs safety evaluations for individual ink ingredients - even down to trace levels and specific packaging applications. Various parameters have to be taken into consideration: intrinsic toxicological properties of the substance, migration behavior, surface/mass (packaging/food) ratio and even food consumption patterns. These types of safety evaluations are especially relevant for substances, which are not in the scope of respective regulations, including NIAS (Non Intentionally Added Substances).

The Transparency Label

In order to demonstrate Siegwerk’s commitment to product safety, the proprietary Transparency Label was developed. Transparency is applicable for all applications, whether food, “food-alike“ (pharma and personal care) or non-food. This includes continued Siegwerk guidance and support for customers on various levels, from individual advice on specific problems to broader trainings.

Above all, the label stands for a commitment to maximum transparency and shared responsibility by Siegwerk. It is based on the manufacture of safe inks according to Good Manufacturing Practices from thoroughly evaluated raw materials. “With our Transparency Label, we are demonstrating our global responsibility regarding product safety as well as regulatory and brand owner requirements. The label stands for our commitment to uncompromising proactive transparency and shared responsibility enabling our customers to print a safe and compliant product and making sure that we deliver what we promise,” summarizes Herbert Forker, CEO at Siegwerk. 

Next to offering manufacturers of food packaging and labels a complete range of migration-optimized inks and varnishes for all printing processes, Siegwerk supports its customers with training courses on all matters of food safety and regulation. This is to ensure the safety of our customers’ products. With a combination of best-in-class ink performance, high product safety, and continuous support and guidance, the company helps its customers to meet their individual needs with cutting-edge solutions.