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Sabine Fuchs, Managing Director SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner, awards the SOS Children's Village Cup to Alfred Keller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siegwerk

Global commitment to children: Siegwerk receives SOS Children’s Village Cup again

On October 23, the printing ink manufacturer Siegwerk from Siegburg (Germany) has received the SOS Children’s Village Cup for the second time in a row. The cup is awarded by the firm SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner GmbH. The trophy honors companies that support the global work of SOS Children’s Villages in an outstanding way.

Corporate social responsibility has a long tradition at Siegwerk. Taking a leaf out of the owner family's book, the social projects of the company have been fully oriented on the welfare of children for several years. In addition to the numerous local activities, Siegwerk has maintained a very close partnership with SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner in the so-called "lighthouse projects" at a global level since 2010. In this way, it has been possible to clearly improve the life of many children and adolescents at several facilities of SOS Kinderdörfer:


  • In 2010 the company financed a family house at the SOS Children's Village in Mexico City
  • In 2012 Siegwerk supported the construction of the SOS Training Center for mothers in Lipa/Philippines
  • In 2013 the printing ink manufacturer took over a patronage for the first time, thereby making a significant contribution to the maintenance of the SOS Children's Village in Poá in Brazil
  • In 2014 patronage for the Vietnamese SOS-Hermann-Gmeiner School Ben Tre
  • In 2015 Siegwerk takes over the patronage for an SOS Children's Village in Chile south of the capital of Santiago. The SOS Children's Village in Bulnes, which Siegwerk supports there, has been in existence since 1969 and offers a loving home for up to 117 children in 13 SOS families. Furthermore, there is an SOS youth facility there, as well as two SOS social centers with family assistance for around 550 families in need.

In total Siegwerk has so far donated several hundred thousand euros to the SOS Children's Villages worldwide, with employees becoming regularly involved personally on site. For this, Siegwerk was awarded the SOS Children's Village Cup, this time in silver, for the second time after 2014.

"Siegwerk has taken on a long-term responsibility with the assumption of the patronage for an SOS Children's Village. We are delighted with this outstanding commitment. On behalf of all of the supported children we would like to say: 'Thank you very much!' The SOS Children's Village Cup is a very special award, which we have handed over with our gratitude today to Siegwerk for the second year running," said Sabine Fuchs, Managing Director of SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner, which is headquartered in Munich.

"Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture," explained Alfred Keller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Siegwerk. "Social commitment to children has been a matter of course for us for many years and something on which employees repeatedly enjoy working on a voluntary basis. The worldwide SOS-Kinderdörfer organization is the ideal partner for us to identify and jointly implement projects close to our sites."

About SOS-Kinderdörfer worldwide:

SOS Kinderdörfer is an independent social organization, which was founded in 1949 by Hermann Gmeiner. His idea: every abandoned child in need should have a mother, brothers and sisters, a house and a village in which it can grow up like other children with a feeling of belonging and security. Based on these four principles, a global organization has grown up which is mainly financed from private donations. Today it is active with 560 SOS Children's Villages and more than 1,800 additional SOS facilities such as kindergartens, schools, youth facilities, training and social centers, medical centers (infirmaries), emergency aid projects and the SOS family support in 134 countries. All over the world the SOS Children's Villages support around 1.5 million children and adults.

About the SOS Children's Village Cup:

The SOS Children's Village Cup is an award for companies who are committed over the long term and sustainably to the maintenance of SOS Children's Villages worldwide. With this tailor-made CSR concept, firms are given the opportunity to take over a patronage for an SOS Children's Village and impressively document their social commitment and social values in public. For the period of the patronage, SOS-Kinderdörfer Global Partner awards a special cup in recognition: a wooden sculpture by the sculptor Joseph Stephan Wurmer, known as the SOS Children's Village Cup.