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Customer trial underlines superior results of Siegwerk’s UV and water-based inks

Bootyman Print and Packaging, a UK-based packaging manufacturer, just tested Siegwerk’s 39-8 range of UV inks as well as the company’s water-based Aqualabel ink range with outstanding results. George Ashmore, Technical Service Manager Narrow Web at Siegwerk UK, gives some more insights into the customer’s trial.

Q: How did the trial come about at Bootyman Print and Packaging?

A: We were first able to get a testing opportunity of our 39-8 range of UV inks. Actually, this was more or less a lucky coincidence: We were on-site at the right time, when problems with the used UV inks seemed to be unsolvable. It was about a year ago, when we visited Bootyman Print and Packaging together with our distributor BFS Pressroom Solutions and heard about the problems with the UV inks used at that time: poor flow, low ink strength and lack of consistency. As ink experts we listened carefully and recommended our 39-8 range of UV inks; a series with convincing test runs showing great print results without any of the mentioned problems. Bootyman accepted our suggestion and started testing the inks.

Q: And how was the feedback after testing the UV inks?

A: The feedback from Gavin Green, Production Manager at Bootyman, and his production team has been overwhelmingly positive which lead them to finally switch to Siegwerk UV inks. Until today, the supply and service provided by our distributor BFS Pressroom Solutions has been reliable and thorough, and the inks themselves have been well received by the printing team. Steve Osborne, a time served printer with over 40 years of experience under his belt, gave us the highest praise: He stated that the Siegwerk inks are the best he has ever used! Surely the highest accolade an ink company can receive!

Q: How did the trial of our water-based inks come into play then?

A: Following a seamless bedding-in period with our UV ink range, we asked if we might have the opportunity to also trial our water-based ink range on the company's Comco press. Bootyman agreed and ran a successful 4-color process trial in which Siegwerk's Aqualabel inks outperformed the incumbent supplier for strength and running speed. Gavin Green, Production Manager at Bootyman, was subsequently able to change the supply over, meaning that he is now able to purchase all of his flexographic inks from just one supplier: Siegwerk. If you ask me, this customer case once more shows the high quality and superior results of Siegwerk’s ink portfolio. Going forward, we are very happy to support Bootyman as a reliable partner on its future way and provide the company with more innovative and high quality ink solutions to enable the realization of the product offering they are looking for.

About Bootyman Print and Packaging

Bootyman Print and Packaging has more than 100 years of experience in its area and is one of the forward thinking packaging manufacturers in the UK. The company uses a mix of sheetfed and flexographic printing machinery and always invested a lot into its growth.

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BFS Pressroom Solutions Ltd. is a family run company, established in 1986, manufacturing and distributing specialist pressroom consumables designed to last longer and save printers' money through improved productivity. For more information please visit: