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Célia Santos- A career story at Siegwerk

My career at Siegwerk began around one year ago, and the personal decision to change places of work was largely due to the great respect I have for a winning company and its contribution to the development of packaging throughout the world.

I was a customer of Siegwerk in the past, more recently I worked in the end-user stage of packaging and currently as Siegwerker, every month that goes by I feel more passionate about what I do. As I have always worked in the areas of research / development of products and customer service, I know the demands of this market very well. My goal as a Head of Technology is to strengthen my team in customer service, differentiate services and innovation, and occupy a role in developing the parts of the business which requires greater quality control.

I believe in education, training, and inclusion to reach goals or targets, and I want to invest in people. I know my responsibility in regards to the development of my team and how much this return strengthens us as a unit and as a company.

In a market that is still predominately inhabited by men, I am aware of my responsibility in the company to perpetuate a dynamic feminine force in the workplace. I possess fairness, energy, and enthusiasm, and I aim to give everyone access to inclusion and opportunities to grow within the company.