Always up-to-date with our digital ink room

Siegwerk has been successfully undergoing its own digital transformation process for two years now.

A dedicated digital business unit has since been concentrating on digital project development in collaboration with customers and other business units within the company. Siegwerk is now providing a digital platform for automated ink room management, MyInkRoom, that’s tailored to customers’ specific needs.

“The objective of the platform is to make the balancing act between low inventory and high production planning flexibility easier for our customers to manage. Realtime ink room inventory is especially helpful here,” Kai Limbach, Project Manager Digitalization at Siegwerk, explains. “Helping our customers to action emerging trends and supporting them by providing innovative ink solutions geared to their specific needs is always our top priority.” To achieve this, the company has already launched various pioneering initiatives to become even more efficient, to achieve faster reaction times to future trends and to continue to help shape the print and packaging market. “We have already developed several digital products and services, including a new inventory management system called MyInkRoom,” Kai Limbach adds.

What benefits does MyInkRoom offer?
The MyInkRoom digital platform provides Siegwerk customers with a fast, simple realtime overview of their entire inventories and dosing ranges as well as all other important KPIs at any time (24/7). The requirement for utilizing the platform is a secure Internet connection plus use of a compatible ink mixing system with inventory function for all ink consumption.

The platform gives customers the opportunity to define product-specific reserve inventories themselves or have them automatically computed. Suggested purchase orders are generated based on this information, which makes administrative work considerably easier. Furthermore, the platform provides an insight into ordering history. 

Various management reports as well as fast status updates can also be generated and downloaded with the aid of the MyInkRoom system. Various time intervals can also be applied to any analysis. MyInkRoom is currently available in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

• greater transparency, 
• increased cost effectiveness,
• fewer downtimes and 
• lower inventory requirements

If you wish to find out more about MyInkRoom, please contact Kai Limbach at [email protected].