Napkins & kitchen towel

Inks and coatings for

Achieve very high resistance against fat, oil, acid and other food ingredients


Solution Benefits
  • Food compliance: low odor and low migration properties
  • High color-strength, excellent printing-results, outstanding ink-stability during long runs
  • Low tackiness
  • Allows for compliance with EN 646 (bleeding resistance) and the BfR Opinion No. 021/2014
Ink System
  • UNI T: highly concentrated pigment bases, designed for printing on transient food-contact-materials 
  • Color Tissue extenders: low maintenance and fast drying for high-speed printing
Solution Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility performance of the dried film.
  • High jetting performance on piezo drop-on-demand printheads.

Color series

Non Low migration

Unijet TN Unijet Cor Unijet Cor HV

Application Types

  • Tissue

Filling Goods

  • Serviettes
  • napkins
  • kitchen towel
  • toilet paper …