Metallized folding carton for luxury goods

Colors and lacquers for

Achieve superior special effects on metallized substrates


Sheetfed Offset

Solution Benefits
  • High color transparency to respect the metallized aspect of the substrate
  • High abrasion and scratch resistance in particular during transportation
  • Excellent resistance to conditions in climate control cabinets
Ink System
  • Primer: Sicura Litho Primer
  • White ink: Sicura Litho Plast SP
  • Color ink: Sicura Litho Plast SP or Sicura Plast Luxe
  • Overprint varnish: Sicura Litho OPV

Application Types

  • Folding carton

Filling Goods

  • Champagne
  • spirits
  • whisky
  • liqueur
  • cosmetics
  • perfumes
  • etc.