PE coated folding carton for frozen food

Colors and lacquers for

Achieve very good print results and excellent resistance under wet and deep freezing conditions


Solution Benefits

Printing & Packaging Functionality

  • Excellent blocking resistance under wet and frozen conditions
  • Great print results on full surface of packaging
  • Good adhesion properties on PE coated board
  • Very good water resistance
  • High abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Very low odor and low migration properties for food compliance

Printing Efficiency

  • Optimized printing speed for highly efficient production

Color series

Low migration

SICURA Nutriflex TUBE OPV Tempo Nutripack 2
Solution Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility performance of the dried film.
  • High jetting performance on piezo drop-on-demand printheads.

Color series

Non Low migration

Unijet TN Unijet Cor Unijet Cor HV

Application Types

  • Folding carton

Filling Goods

  • Fish
  • ready meals
  • vegetable
  • pizza
  • ice cream
  • etc.