The Low Energy and LED UV offset series for web commercial printing.

High reactivity UV offset web series for Low Energy UV and LED UV technology.

With rising Cost of Energy and responsibility on our Carbon footprint impact Siegwerk is proposing as an alternative to heat set offset inks, a new UV Offset Low-Energy / LED web series developed to fulfill the expectations of high-speed web press and specific paper quality from this market.

These inks can be cured under standard UV lamps or LED technology from retrofitted heat set press or newly installed web offset press. Our UV/LED inks are VOC free, de-inkable and mineral oil free.

Key benefits

  • low energy UV technology (iron doped Mercury lamp) or LED UV (Light Emitting Diode) dryers with wavelength output 385-395 nm.
  • This series is presenting excellent deinkability/recyclability properties
  • Suitable for coated and uncoated paper, LWC, SC
  • Excellent press stability and very good dot sharpness
  • High print contrast due to very good hold-out <-> Lower ink consumption especially on uncoated papers
  • Very bright printed colors
  • No loss of ink density due to drying process
  • Low misting
  • Very good flow/transfer of the inks

Available products


Technical features

Substrates Suitability
coated and uncoated paper
Non absorbant substrate

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