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We take responsibility in everything we do.

As a family-run company with an extensive history, we have long been aware of our responsibility for future generations. We are strongly committed to make a positive and responsible contribution to society and the environment and see sustainability as the key driver in everything we do. Thereby, we strive to always maintain a balance between ecological, social, and economic needs without compromising the resources of future generations.

Our overarching goal is to become a circular and digital packaging solutions company doing our part to shape the future of packaging in a sustainable way.


Our sustainability agenda

From eco-friendly production processes and the development of safe and sustainable products to inclusive workplaces and local support for the communities we operate in - we follow a holistic sustainability approach. To date, we have already made successful progress on our journey to become a circular and digital packaging solutions company: We are not only developing circular ink and coating solutions but are also continuously rethinking our own processes and business according to a circular approach.

With HorizonNOW, we have launched a sustainable business program to manage our ambitious sustainability targets and keep track of our progress and achievements. To ensure this program’s success, HorizonNOW is backed up by a proper organizational structure with dedicated resources to concretely drive sustainable change inside as well as outside of Siegwerk. With our “Sustainability Office” we facilitate and guide the implementation and advancement of this sustainable business agenda. Our Sustainability Council, headed by CEO Nicolas Wiedmann, ensures top-management responsibility.

With its clear targets, HorizonNOW is the roadmap of our sustainability journey, ensuring that all our actions have the desired impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thereby, all our targets and actions are organized in four integral focus areas:

  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Product Safety + Responsibility
  • Circular Economy
  • People and Community

Seven sustainable business targets

Operations and Supply Chain
  • Achieve carbon neutral scope 1 and 2 emissions globally
  • Ensure 100% of our suppliers are committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact.
Product Safety + Responsibility
  • Establish product environmental footprint data for 100% of our products
  • Be the trendsetter for the safest inks and coatings by proactively improving our products and setting new industry standards in consumer and environmental safety
Circular Economy
  • Innovate and manage our portfolio so that 75% of all products & services sold enable reducing, reusing or recycling of packaging, renewable or recyclable packaging  
People and Community
  • Double female gender representation at the executive level
  • Ensure a Total Incident Rate (TIR) of less than 1.0

Operations and Supply Chains

Reducing negative effects on our environment.

Reducing emissions from our own operations is key to address the negative effects we have on the environment. That is why we have set ourselves targets for reducing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency through investments and smart operational choices for energy reduction and the installation of own renewable energy production. We continuously work on further reducing our waste and optimizing the use of water – all with the goal to achieve carbon neutrality.

But it is not just about us, we also have responsibility for the conditions prevalent at our suppliers. Therefore, we drive sustainable procurement practices to ensure that all our suppliers are committed to the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact, which cover environmental, human rights and anti-bribery standards. 

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Product Safety + Responsibility

Historically one of our key differentiators.

Consumer and product safety has historically been one of our key differentiators and the environmental compatibility of our products throughout their life-cycle is just another complementary element here. We are proactively improving our products, always with the aim of setting new industry standards in consumer and environmental safety on a global scale.

With our Transparency Label and related activities for packaging inks especially designed for sensitive packaging applications such as food, pharma, and hygiene, we have already set an unprecedented global standard in assuming responsibility within the supply chain. We are committed to not only support our customers and partners to ensure maximum product safety, but also to enable them to further reduce their product footprint and deliver on, for example, carbon commitments.

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Circular Economy

Protect our environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

We strongly believe in the benefits of a Circular Economy to protect our environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling packaging. It is about enhancing the performance and recyclability of packaging to build a cleaner future for generations to come. In this context, inks and coatings play a key role in enabling circular packaging designs. That is why we are continuously driving the development of inks and coatings that close technical performance gaps to enable reusability of packaging, improve its recyclability, and reduce the use of plastics or other non-renewable raw materials.

We already offer a wide range of circular solutions designed to make packaging fit for the needs of a Circular Economy and are making every effort to further broaden our offering with new innovative and sustainable solutions. In this context, we are not only looking at our core business as ink and coating manufacturer but also address innovation gaps with new business models to drive circularity across the entire value chain.

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People and Community

Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity.

We strive for diverse, inclusive, and equitable communities both inside and outside of Siegwerk. Generating community benefit, we support corporate social responsibility projects globally with both time and financial investment. As employer, we know that our people - the so-called Siegwerkers - are our most important asset, because a satisfied and motivated workforce is the basis for any success.

Here, a safe, respectful, and supportive work environment plays an essential role for making a company an attractive place to work. That is why we strive for diverse and inclusive workplaces where everyone can develop and surpass oneself while ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.

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Rated Silver by EcoVadis

In 2022, we were awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal rating across all business units and regions. The assessment particularly notes the strength of our environmental performance driven by our strong sustainability management systems, emissions reductions targets, and circular packaging solutions developed and sold in the market. It underlines that we are on the right path with our sustainability initiative HorizonNOW to build a leading role in the realm of sustainable business practices in the inks and coatings industry.

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