Multi to mono-material

Enable circularity by switching from multi-material to mono-material

The challenge?

There are many technical hurdles to overcome in the switch from a PET/PE to a recyclable PE/PE structure.

When making this switch, brand owners still want to fulfill the expectations of consumers where packaging performance is concerned. To make this work, adjusted ink systems are required to meet the technical and optical packaging requirements. An example of this is white opacity in the new mono-material structure.

Another challenge is to maintain high production efficiency during printing and packing using a strong laminate, as PVC free solutions can impact high speed printing and bond strength.

Lastly, ink decomposing during the high temperature extrusion process that takes place during recycling can leave the recycled materials with an unpleasant odor or appearance. This should be avoided if easy recycling is an objective.

The solution?

  • PVC free, PSR approved ink systems for compatibility with the PE extrusion process
  • Optimized white and colored inks for MOPE reverse printing to achieve strong colors and opacity levels at high printing speeds to yield an excellent cost in use level
  • Inks can be easily adopted for gravure or flexo printing and provide high bond strength values to ensure the necessary compatibility with your given supply chain setup

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