Ink solutions for a more economical supply chain setup

Facilitating proven CE concepts for packaging materials

The challenge?

Reduced stock levels and ongoing artwork changes require increased short notice supply of packaging materials.

New converting technologies can provide better economics to utilize short printing
runs keeping high material quality and packaging safety unchanged.

The solution?

  • Modern surface printing technologies focusing on quick availability of packaging material
  • Electron beam curing ink solutions for Flexo and Offset printing
  • Surface printing of robust ink layers to avoid a time-consuming lamination process
  • Proven print technologies ensure high quality artwork reproduction
  • Inkjet printing inks to allow highest flexibility in packaging printing
  • UV-curing and WB ink solutions available following highest PSR standards
  • Inkjet printing at 1200DPI yields perfectly printed images and crystal-clear text
  • Fully digital packaging printing or hybrid printing solutions for variable data available

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