Bio-related solutions

Ink solutions facilitating alternative waste stream

The challenge?

Plastic waste is a global concern, and solutions are needed to avoid plastic packaging ending up in the ocean, especially when effective recycling streams are unavailable. There is high interest in compostable and biodegradable packaging. It is therefore also necessary to create ink solutions for biodegradable films, in order to create compostable packaging structures.

Ink solutions are required to cover typical fiber and bioplastic-based packaging materials like PLA and PBSA. Simultaneously, compliance to all food safety requirements and compatibility with standard printing technologies must be achieved.

The solution?

  • Approved range of solvent-based and water-based colored and white inks available
  • OK Compost Home certification (EN 13432) to ensure a fast degradation
  • Inks itself remain not compostable – total ink coverage limited
  • Solutions for surface printing or laminated structures available
  • Dedicated solution for napkins and bread bags covering their specific PSR requirements

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