Safe food packaging

Principles that we follow with conviction

The European Printing Ink Association EuPIA has laid down principles relating to the production of food packaging which we have willingly committed ourselves to.

The most important of these include:

  1. We give consumer protection the highest priority.
  2. We comply with the latest relevant legislation and fulfill the resulting statutory requirements in order to guarantee the highest level of consumer protection.
  3. Our products must be suitable for the agreed purpose.
  4. Risk and exposure assessment are carried out in accordance with internationally recognized scientific principles.
  5. We follow and implement the principles of “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)”, including audits.

You can download the full declaration of commitment here.


Statement of Composition

The Statement of Composition provides you with the necessary information to fulfill the statutory requirements of Ordinance (EU) No. 10/2011 (Annex IV) and the Swiss Consumer Goods Ordinance (817.023.21).  You can obtain a Statement of Composition for our products on request from your Customer Adviser. You will find further information here

Worst Case Calculator

Our Worst Case Calculator© allows you to calculate the maximum expected transfer of a substance that is capable of migrating from the printing ink to a packaged food item. At the same time, you can vary the specific pack size, the surface application weight and the surface coverage to suit your own packaging designs. You can find our Worst Case Calculator in the Ink Safety Portal.

Worst Case Calculator


For “semi-finished inks/varnishes”, we can provide our Worst Case Calculator© Non Finished Inks. You can use this to carry out a Worst Case calculation for an ink or varnish, which the converter produces from two or more “semi-finished inks/varnishes” supplied by Siegwerk. 

Click here for more details on the terms and calculations.