Raw material introduction process

Safety – for today and tomorrow

Safety at work, consumer protection, environmental protection – the raw material is the start of it all. For this reason, we have an in-house team of experts who are responsible solely for the choice of suitable raw materials for our printing inks. Every new source material is checked using extensive and closely knit processes. These are based equally on up-to-date knowledge and decades of experience.

The Global PSR team – short for Product Safety and Regulations – coordinates our raw material introduction process worldwide. Our suppliers must first of all be qualified. In a further step, they have to answer comprehensive and highly detailed questions. In addition, they must provide evidence that the raw materials are neither toxic, mutagenic nor carcinogenic. Strict purity criteria must also be fulfilled with regard to heavy metals and trace contamination with dioxins or primary aromatic amines – to cite just two examples. If there is any doubt, the Global PSR team also rejects raw materials or carries out its own analytical sample testing.

The consumer in focus

The process also ensures adherence to the strict requirements of the relevant chemicals legislation of the various countries in which Siegwerk is active.

In addition, it should be mentioned that the approvals criteria for raw materials that are used in the production of printing inks for food packaging are particularly rigid. This also applies to Siegwerk´s internal HSE formulation guideline, which is continuously being updated and further developed.