Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility as a family tradition

Guatemala - Siegwerk continues multi-project approach with 2021 Lighthouse Project

2021 Lighthouse Projects

Siegwerk  will continue the multi-project approach with the Lighthouse Project. The joint focus on the partnership approach has been put on YouthCan! and digitalization projects

In 2021 we will support Youth Can! in

and a digitalization project in

  • India with initial focus on online mentoring.

Guatemala - YouthCan! Partnership Country 2021

Like in Vietnam, Siegwerk Guatemala starts 2021 with a new partnership with YouthCan!.They join Vietnam and Colombia in working together to create better employment opportunities for youths in need in their regions. Both poverty and social exclusion are prevalent in Guatemala and the most important issue for the young adults that live at the SOS facilities in Guatemala is to find a stable and fulfilling job.

Online training is an essential part of the Siegwerk support, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Focusing on Siegwerk’s key business activities, the young adults are preparing for their futures with virtual training sessions on ink composition, printing processes and various packaging technologies. For employees of Siegwerk giving back to the community they serve is a key part of their success.