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Argentina - Siegwerk continues multi-project approach with 2022 Lighthouse Project

2022 Lighthouse Projects

Siegwerk will continue the multi-project approach with the Lighthouse Project. The joint focus on the partnership approach continued to be on YouthCan! and digitalization projects

In 2022 we will support Youth Can! in

and a digitalization project in

  • India with focus on online mentoring.

Siegwerk Argentina begins new partnership with SOS Children’s Villages in 2022

After the collapse of the country, more than half the population ended up living in poverty (roughly 45 per cent in 2002). Although the country saw quick economic recovery, thousands of Argentines have yet to benefit from the economic upturn. At the moment, roughly 11 per cent of the country's population lives in conditions of poverty. Outside of the big cities, rural poverty is a lot higher and remains a problem.

Although the primary school enrolment rate for Argentina is high at 98 per cent, many Argentinian children experience difficulties performing even the most rudimentary reading tasks. Studies show that they lack the basic skills required to participate effectively in society. 

Child labour also remains an issue in present-day Argentina: in rural areas, almost a third of all children between the ages of 5 and 13 engage in labor activities. In most cases, work interferes with the child's education, which means that the majority of working children either miss classes on a regular basis or do not attend school at all.

To support local communities where Siegwerk is based, the team in Argentina has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages for 2022. Starting this year, mentoring and online training for young adults will be the focus as new partners in the YouthCan! initiative.

Siegwerk Argentina invites teenagers from SOS Childrens Villages for site visit

Siegwerk Argentina hosted a group of teenagers from the regional SOS Childrens Village (Aldeas Infantiles) at Siegwerk Tortuguitas in Buenos Aires.

At the beginning of the day the group was welcomed with  breakfast  and an opening meeting explaining the upcoming activities. At the top of the days’ agenda  was a safety briefing, covering basic personal safety information and the use of protective equipment. Afterwards the young visitors learned more about Siegwerk business in general, inks and varnishes, the solutions Siegwerk delivers to its customers, as well as the brand owners Siegwerk works with. “The kids were eager to learn about Siegwerk and its solutions and it was a rewarding day for everyone involved”, said Pablo Suriano, Account Manager Technology Flexible Packaging & TO, who led the presentation.

The site tour following the presentation  was led by Rodolfo Fiz, Production Head SCM Operations and Pablo Suriano, Account Mgr Technology II. The visit ended after a joined lunch, where the kids received some presents to take home and lots of pictures were taken. Everyone was grateful for the opportunity to visit Siegwerk’s Tortuguitas site and learn more about Siegwerk.