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Siegwerk cooperates with the “climate initiative“ in Germany

The Bundesverband Druck und Medien and Siegwerk cooperate with the “climate initiative”.

Siegwerk cooperates with the “climate initiative“ in Germany

Herbert Forker underlines the importance of sustainability at Siegwerk: ”Our processes are subject to continuous improvement, in order to ensure the efficient handling of our resources. The evaluation of reliable data of CO2 emissions that go along with print jobs is a sensible and trend-setting initiative we are glad to support actively."


The “climate initiative” consists of a three-step process: avoid, evaluate and compensate emissions.

The central element is a webbased CO2 calculator in accordance with all requirements of ISO 14040 and 14044. It is available for offset, gravure and digital printing.


Further information (in German) is available on <link http: aktuelles klimainitiative>