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Labelexpo'11: Complete range of LM UV inks

Siegwerk’s top priority: "low migration" -


Siegwerk presents at Labelexpo 2011 in Brussels a complete range of "low migration" inks that allow the printer to comply with the regulations – and that for all printing processes. With some pride, the company considers itself to be a market leader in this field.

Labelexpo'11: Complete range of LM UV inks

Low migration ink systems are almost always required for printing onto food packaging and labels, and strict regulations apply. Siegwerk has been working intensively on the development of low migration inks for many years and can offer the manufacturers of labels and packaging for the food industry a comprehensive range, together with corresponding low migration gloss and matt varnishes as well as metallic inks. In addition, Siegwerk supplies printers with an important aid for the safe manufacturing of food packaging in the form of its ‘Selection of UV Low Migration Systems’ customer information.

Siegwerk’s bestsellers among the low migration ink systems are For UV-Flexo printing the series Sicura 39-10 LM (for labels applications) and 39-20 LM for very demanding applications the UV-Offset Series Sicura LM 361 (for paper and selected films) and PLAST LM (for plastic substrates).

Of course, Siegwerk is presenting many of its new developments in the fields of self-adhesive labelling, sleeves and in-mould labelling at the trade fair in Brussels.

With 4,400 staff members and the acquisition of the American company Environmental Inks & Coatings Corp. (EIC), Siegwerk is one of the leading printing ink manufacturers and is leader in North America of the narrow-web market. The Siegwerk Group owns sites in more than 30 countries, which provide customers everywhere with standardised product quality, professional contact persons and local support.