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Commitment to further training – even when the going is tough

Siegwerk received an award from Germany’s federal employment agency and can now call itself a “Partner for further training 2009”. Six companies from the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region were given the prize in recognition of their commitment to further training for their staff during periods of short working hours.

Commitment to further training – even when the going is tough

Like many other companies in the region, Siegwerk was hit by the economic crisis. At headquarters in Siegburg, shorter working hours became necessary from April to June. “Further training one’s employees is a precondition for realizing a company’s full potential and gearing it to the future,” says Marita Schmickler-Herriger, head of the federal employment agency in the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region. And as head of HR in Siegburg Dirk Achtermeyer adds: “Even in economically tough times, further training is a topic that is very close to our heart – only on-going further training can ensure that we continue to offer our customers high-quality solutions.”

During the period of shorter working hours, Siegwerkers were trained in areas like Lean Management, facility management and driving skills – enabling them to expand their know-how. “Support by the European Social Fund enabled us to further qualify our staff even in times of reduced revenue,” Achtermeyer says. “We want to make the most of this chance of emerging from the crisis even stronger than before.”