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Siegwerk announces the start of the new Blending Center to supply Toluene free inks to the Bangladesh market

The State-of-the-art Blending Center has an annual capacity of 3600 MT and will have close to 50 employees working in it.

Siegwerk, one of the leading global suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, inaugurated its new Blending Center in the Dhaka region in Bangladesh. Spread over 65000 sq ft, the center will host customized solutions for the Bangladesh market. The state-of-the-art Blending center will generate direct and indirect employment for close to 50 people in Bangladesh. Siegwerk, through this center, will significantly boost its domestic business in Bangladesh while enhancing its market leadership position across the Asian region. The new Blending Centre will also reduce inventory costs to customers and allow Siegwerk to provide immediate technical support for local customers. 

Siegwerk is supplying printing ink in Bangladesh since the mid-nineties. “The Blending Center will not only allow us to be closer to our customers in the Bangladesh region but will also allow us to expand our offerings. We can now offer customized, individually formulated safe ink solutions through our latest blending technology”, said Ashish Pradhan, President Asia, Siegwerk. “Siegwerk used to supply inks from its plant in India until recently. The new center is already commissioned and has completely taken over the supply of blended inks from February 2021. This facility will help us solve technical issues locally and provide additional technical support with less turnaround time. Our customers now have the advantage of receiving faster response to their technical issues and selecting custom-made solutions that match their printing requirements. The blending center will supply Toluene free safe inks and is at par with global standards”, added Pradhan. 

The Blending center manufactures and supplies Toluene free inks, to ensure health and safety to consumers of packaged food. Toluene or any raw materials containing toluene, won’t be used as intentionally-added ingredients in this facility. The inks produced will be compliant with global regulatory and brand owner requirements to ensure products are safe for end-use packaging applications. Siegwerk has a robust global production and service network and has offered customers consistently high-quality products for close to 2 centuries. As a supplier of high-quality printing inks and varnishes with a strong emphasis on customer service, Siegwerk has built long-term customer relationships with a high degree of trust and interaction. The company is also conscious about sourcing environment-friendly and sustainable raw materials for its products. Siegwerk manufactures its basic colors and varnishes in a standardized process at the fifteen dedicated Siegwerk - Centers of Excellence worldwide. The raw materials and intermediate products are as close to identical as possible, ensuring consistent product quality. With the addition of this center in Bangladesh, Siegwerk currently has more than 31 Blending Centers worldwide. 

Siegwerk has been aware of the need for safe printing inks for packaging applications from the beginning and has made ink safety one of its guiding principles. Today, the company is a global leader in providing product safety guidance and has an expert team exclusively dedicated to this. Siegwerk’s product safety guidance includes global regulatory compliance, brand owner requirements and risk assessments. This ensures products are safe for the end-use applications.