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Inks and coatings play an important enabling role for the realization of circular packaging solutions. Inks and coatings may support the reduction, reuse and recycling of packaging. That’s why Siegwerk is actively driving the formulation of special inks and coatings concretely addressing the needs of circular packaging solutions.

Siegwerk is a leading global manufacturer of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels and is well equipped to optimally support you in the development of circular packaging innovations.

Today, we have a strong track record in customer-specific ink and coatings development projects for circular packaging solutions that - among others - increase recyclability, enable composting, and support packaging based on renewable materials.

Our circular solutions are flexible regarding substrates, printing technologies and ink systems. Here is an overview of the benefits our circular solutions can create: 

              Design 4 Less

              Limiting the use of finite resources and exploring the re-use of packaging

              Transforming paper into a recyclable high-function packaging option
              Creating a future for re-use models
              Supporting the ambition of fully bio-renewable packaging

              Design 4 Recycling

              Closing the loop for plastic waste through high quality recyclate and its application

              Making recyclable mono-plastic packaging a reality
              Pushing for a system of de-inking for plastic packaging
              Service compostable packaging - where sensible

              We are constantly working on new sustainable ink technologies and functional formulations to further expand our circular solution offerings and enable new circular packaging applications. Thereby, all inks and coatings are designed to meet your individual requirements unleashing packaging’s full potential and enabling its use in a Circular Economy.


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