Customized training for your staff

We don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves. On the contrary, we are very happy to pass our ink expertise on to our customers – because this ultimately enables excellent printing results. To this end we provide on-press training to your employees and turn them into experts on their own.

That includes knowledge transfer about the materials used in the packaging production process – inks, adhesives and substrates. Just as important is knowledge of topics such as color management and colorimetry. Last but not least product safety plays a key role in food or pharmaceutical packaging. We train your employees specifically to match your requirements and packaging products in this area as well.

We are also happy to visit you, because an on-site workshop enables plenty of questions to be answered and processes to be improved.

Ink solution training

Your staff can do more – with our ink training courses

Your printing results and your business success can only be as good as your workers. For this reason, we offer training courses that will bring your employees’ expertise up to scratch. The training content includes insights into the composition and production of printing inks, the interaction of ink coatings with laminating adhesives and printing materials, and knowledge of colorimetry and color management.

As an option, training courses can also be held in Siegwerk‘s own ink laboratories, as this enables the latest knowledge of ink formulations and testing methods to be communicated particularly graphically. During the course, your employees will have access to leading printing ink experts who will be pleased to pass on their knowledge. Training courses are adapted to suit the individual and are therefore suitable for both new employees and for long-term staff.

Your company benefits from these training courses in two ways: firstly, the issuing of inaccurate color recipes to the printing machine can be directly reduced and, secondly, your staff will be able to optimize the ink preparation processes and the machine setup themselves in the long term.

Product safety trainings

Product risks can be avoided – with Siegwerk

Siegwerk helps to ensure the safety of your products. Low migration ink systems are as much an aspect of this as our training courses on this subject. These are aimed at print shop workers as well as those working for manufacturers of branded products.

The content covered includes national and international regulations. This knowledge is supplemented by training in the field of migration mechanisms and printing chemistry. Your staff will receive a fundamental insight into production safety that is related to your particular packaging solution.

The training courses are led by experts on all matters of food safety and regulation.
In this way, you can avoid future risks in your manufacturing process.

Press room workshop & training

Advanced training for efficient processes

Your business success can be determined directly at your printing press. And this is exactly where we offer workshops and training courses.

In conjunction with you, we analyze the existing processes, develop more efficient solutions, and check them in your production facility.

The advantage is obvious: this procedure enables sustainable solutions to be developed and implemented together with those who know your print machines best – your staff.

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