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Silver award for Siegwerk film

Outpacing major companies like BMW, SAP, Finnair, BASF, AstraZeneca, Daimler, Porsche, South African Breweries, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Canon and Microsoft - Siegwerk was honored in the WorldMediaFestival’s “Corporate Communications” category for last year’s film The Road to Success with a silver award.

Silver award for Siegwerk film

The movie chronicles the company’s rise from small local printer to globally active corporation and was created for Siegwerk's 1. International Management Conference 2007. “We’re thrilled to be honored with this award,” says Peter Heimerzheim, Director Corporate Communications. “It shows that we’re heading in the right direction with our company’s communications.”

The WorldMediaFestival is a global competition for modern media. The awards recognize excellence in modern audio visual communications media. Founded in 2000 by intermedia the WorldMediaFestival has quickly risen to become one of the premier events of its kind on a worldwide scale. In 2008 more than 500 companies from 18 countries applied for a gold or silver award in different categories like Advertising, Business TV, Corporate Communications, Documentaries, News, Public Relations, Training and Sales Promotion.