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Siegwerk opens new site in Finland

Siegwerk has opened a new Blending Center in Nokia, Finland. In a grand opening ceremony customers in Finland and the Baltic states were presented the new facilities.

Siegwerk opens new site in Finland

Siegwerk Board Member Hugo Noordhoek Hegt, President PPL Packaging, joined Nokia Site Manager Markku Frick and Henry Moisio, Director of Business Relations for the City of Nokia, at the opening. About 80 guests attended the ceremony, including Siegwerk Finland Oy’s most important customers. ”This was an excellent opportunity to show the market that we are still a serious player in Finland and the Baltic states with modern facilities and quick response times,” Noordhoek Hegt emphasized.

The new Blending Center, which is located about three kilometres from the old plant in Tampere, concentrates on effective and flexible support for Siegwerk’s Finnish and Baltic customers. It provides such services as colormatching, dispensing, blending, and logistics for conventional sheetfed and UV inks as well as water- and solvent-based inks for packaging. ”We can truly call this a customer service center in the best sense of the word,” said Site Manager Frick.  
About the Nokia site
The Nokia Blending Center takes the place of the former production site in Tampere, which was closed as part of the restructuring of Siegwerk’s European supply chain. Overall, 25 employees from Flexible, Plastic, Paper and Labels (PPL), Supply Chain Management and Administration are working at the 1,400 square meter facility.