Why Siegwerk?

Reasons for choosing Siegwerk as an employer

Join Siegwerk and you will be joining a company that thinks big, but has kept a family feel to the work environment. That means you get the very best of both worlds: a global, market-leading company that will take your career on a journey of growth and success, and a company that gives you all the support and opportunity to collaborate you need along the way.

Get the support you need to be the best you can be

“Siegwerkers” are supportive, friendly and collaborative. We look out for each other, but we also expect great things from one another. Join us and you won’t feel like a small wheel in a big machine. You’ll feel like you are working for a family company, with all the support and respect you’d expect. Just like a family though, you’ll be challenged to make sure you are continually pushing yourself to achieve bigger and better things.

See the value of your work every day

Siegwerk may be a market-leading global organisation, but it’s also lean and agile. We maintain this culture by fostering collaboration and accessibility everywhere; which means you’ll find dedicated, helpful people working together to achieve a common goal. At Siegwerk, you’ll know exactly where you fit in, and how you are contributing to that goal. You’ll see your work come to life, you’ll see the whole picture, and you’ll see how you are making a meaningful difference, every day.

Take your career on a journey of growth, innovation and success

Although we are proud of our history, we are even more excited about the future. We think big, and we think long term. Whether it’s expanding further into our growth markets, or leveraging world class technology and innovation to solve client problems, we are always looking to improve and innovate. Join us, and you’ll see the same happen to your career. You’ll find opportunities here to grow and evolve your career in ways you never thought possible.