Eco Inks

Reduced waste, reduced emissions and robust performance.

The challenge?

Brand owners need inks that complement their sustainability objectives and aspirations of recyclable, compostable packaging, or a shift to paperization. Additionally, you do not want to compromise on the optical appearance nor the technical performance of your packaging, especially when requirements are high.

The solution?

  • A range of attractive, natural colored inks with excellent rotogravure and flexo printability on a wide range of materials
  • Comprised of pigments that contain no petrochemicals
  • PAA, Chlorine and mineral oil free PSR approved pigments to comply with highest safety standards
  • Highly resistant pigments with high light, thermal, chemical and weathering fastness properties
  • Does not interfere with compostable packaging
  • Lower emissions and environmental impact in terms of:
    • Pigment production and
    • Innovative grinding technology

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