Colors and lacquers for

Self adhesive multilayer label

Key Functionality

Achieve excellent abrasion resistance

Technologies Technical Data Sheets

Solution Benefits

  • Outstanding release properties of the varnish
  • Superior release property in order to simplify the peel and seal process

Ink System / Food

  • White ink : Sicura Nutriscreen
  • Color ink: Sicura Nutriflex or Sicura Nutriplast 
  • Release varnish: Sicura Nutriflex Release varnish
  • Overprint varnish: Sicura Nutriflex OPV

Ink System / Non Food

  • White ink: Sicura Screen
  • Color ink: Sicura Flex, Sicura Plast, Sicura Typo or Sicura WL
  • Release varnish: Sicura Flex Release varnish
  • Overprint varnish: Sicura Flex OPV

Market Segments

  • Narrow Web

Application Types

  • Label

Filling Goods

  • Medicine
  • pharmaceutical products
  • household cleaners
  • etc.

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