Colors and lacquers for

Self-adhesive label for cosmetics

Key Functionality

Achieve superior print quality, optical effects, high abrasion resistance and resistance to ingredients of filling good, e.g., alkali, ethanol

Technologies Technical Data Sheets

Solution Benefits

  • High printing speed for efficient print runs
  • Excellent edge-lift resistance and no curling of label

Ink System

  • Color ink: Sicura Flex, Sicura Plast, Sicura Typo, Sicura WL, Sicura Screen, Sicura Nutriflex or Sicura Litho Nutriplast
  • Overprint varnish: Sicura Flex OPV, Sicura Screen OPV or Sicura Nutriflex OPV

Market Segments

  • Narrow Web

Application Types

  • Label

Filling Goods

  • Hair care products
  • cosmetics
  • etc.

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