Safe and up-to-date operations

To protect human health and the environment

Offering our employees a safe and pleasant working environment is a mainstay of our sustainability strategy. We ensure safe workplaces worldwide on the basis of standardized risk assessments, and we invest in plant safety and measures to increase the safety awareness of our employees.

Safety First at all times

We want to further reduce the number of work-related accidents by 2020, and to improve occupational safety at all locations. In order to come closer to achieving this aim, the Management Board of Siegwerk brought the global “Safety First” initiative to life in 2012. 

“Safety First” largely covers three subject areas: 

  • We ensure that every employee has a safe workplace available 
  • We regularly review the production machines and plants for potential hazards 
  • Training courses and communication activities are designed to raise the awareness of employees regarding safe behavior in the workplace

Between 2012 and 2016 we have reduced the incident rate by 52 percent.

Plant safety

Siegwerk has committed itself to install and operate safe facilities. As an operator of chemical plants, we do everything we can to avoid operating problems and accidents. To this end, we are setting high safety standards and continuously develop the safety culture at our sites.

The safety aspects of our plants range from the planning, the construction, the operation, to the decommissioning of plants. This ensures that the manufacture of our products is carried out failure-free at all Siegwerk locations.