Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility as a family tradition

Switzerland - Aarberg employees volunteer to support local children’s home

2019 Local Project

The children’s home (Chinderhus Aarberg), located two kilometers from site Aarberg, is the focus of local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for Siegwerk’s Swiss site. A project team of 12 employees from various departments are working closely with the facility, its management and the children.

Siegwerk volunteers act as godmothers and godfathers to the children who live there because their natural parents do not have the resources or ability to care for them. The kids range between infants and 18 years of age and our Siegwerkers have really taken a liking to supporting the children’s home and the youngsters. Siegwerk employees volunteer their time, mostly outside of work hours, and support the kids in a variety of activities including mentorship, education, sports and just being there when they need a helping hand.

The Aarberg team has been working with facility since 2014 with the intent of continuing this partnership well into the future. By giving back to those most vulnerable in the community, the Aarberg team further supports the company’s global CSR strategy of providing aid to children and young adults in need in the communities in which we operate.