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Colombia - Siegwerk continues multi-project approach with 2021 Lighthouse Project

2021 Lighthouse Projects

Siegwerk will continue the multi-project approach with the Lighthouse Project. The joint focus on the partnership approach has been put on YouthCan! and digitalization projects

In 2021 we will support Youth Can! in

and a digitalization project in

  • India with initial focus on online mentoring.

Colombia – YouthCan! Partnership Country 2021

For 2021, Siegwerk continues its 11th year in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages. This year YouthCan! remains a key focus in Colombia while onboarding of new YouthCan! partnerships have begun in Vietnam and Guatemala. The focus remains on how best to tackle the problem of youth employability.

The global YouthCan! initiative empowers young adults by helping them transition to independence and meaningful work through skills development and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit. As mentors, volunteers give their time, share their experience, help with skills training and encourage the youths involved. In these times of social distancing, the program can be run effectively online as well.

Now in its third year in Colombia, Siegwerk Colombia is also working together on mentor-mentee programs with other YouthCan! partners such as DHL, Thyssenkrupp and McDonalds. It is through these important relevant job skills while building important bonds with the program mentors.