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Siegwerk advancement award for chemistry conferred

The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University Applied Sciences conferred this year's awards for outstanding theses on October 25th, 2014. The prize winner for Chemistry with Material Sciences – sponsored by Siegwerk – is Marina Ley.

Siegwerk advancement award for chemistry conferred

Important regional companies and other institutions annually donate prizes worth 1,000 euros each, which the Association of Supporters of the University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg then awards to graduates who excel with their theses.

Marina Ley, who won the Siegwerk prize, finished her Bachelor of Science course in Chemistry with Material Sciences in late August, completing her studies on schedule and with the grade 1.0 (the equivalent of an A+). She wrote her thesis on the topic of “Degradation of pharmaceuticals with electrochemically produced ozone in aqueous solution“ in English, impressing her professors so much that the thesis has been submitted for publication  in the „International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry“ or the „International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment“. “I am personally also very impressed by Ms. Ley and her achievement,” said Ulrike Lüneburg, Head of HR at Siegwerk in Germany. “It was a pleasure to hand her the award sponsored by Siegwerk.”

Following the award ceremony, the university's 600 graduates and their families took part in graduation celebrations also attended by Bonn's mayor Jürgen Nimpsch, where the prize winners were again honored personally. 

“Ms. Ley will be visiting us before the end of the year to get an impression of our company and especially of the chemistry-related departments,” says Ulrike Lüneburg. “In the meantime, she is continuing her studies with a master course at the Philips University in Marburg. We wish her all the best for that.”