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Paper & Board: Implementation of announced price increases

Due to continued sharp raw material cost increases, Siegwerk has to raise prices as announced on February 1st on the Siegwerk web site. Effective April 15th, 2011, Siegwerk will increase gross invoice prices for all products for Paper & Board applications.

Paper & Board: Implementation of announced price increases

An average of 8 percent price increase will be applied on the following product groups:

product group
Clears (overprint and extender varnishes, primers, etc.)
Colours & metallics


Except in the cases below where a fixed price increase per kg will be made:

product group  increase € / kg
Whites 0,25 € / kg
Violets (with Pigment Violet 23)4,75 € / kg


Due to the volatility of the raw material market, the prices will remain valid until end of August 2011. It is Siegwerk’s intention to review prices on a quarterly basis and to inform customers in advance about changes.


Customers will be contacted during the next days by their respective Siegwerk account manager.