Our commitment

Driving the development of circular packaging solutions

As one of the world’s leading ink and coatings manufacturers Siegwerk is committed to the principle of sustainability: Achieving a sensible balance between ecological, social and economic needs without compromising the resources of future generations.

The packaging industry finds itself in a state of change today. More than ever before the negative effects of a packagings’ success and growth – especially plastic packaging - is evident: too much waste and leakage into nature and the use of finite resources such as crude oil. Increasing consumer awareness, more stringent policies coming into play and an increasing sense of responsibility from industry players lead to a growing demand for green solutions and sustainable packaging.

 At Siegwerk, we take responsibility and drive the transformation of the industry away from a linear economy towards a circular economy model. We are committed to rethINK packaging.

Ralph Detsch, Chief Technology Officer at Siegwerk
We believe in the Global Commitment and Common Vision issued by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on a New Plastics Economy envisaging a future where plastic packaging is never becoming waste according to a Circular Economy.
Ralph Detsch, Chief Technology Officer at Siegwerk

As a global leading ink manufacturer for packaging applications, we strongly believe in the benefits of a Circular Economy and are fully committed to the goal of 100 percent collection and recycling as well as reducing and reusing of all plastic packaging. It is about further enhancing the performance and recyclability of packaging to create circularity and achieving benefits from the advantages of plastic packaging without negative side effects.

Our goal is to build a cleaner future for the next generations. That’s why we are actively driving the transformation into a circular packaging industry by providing special inks and coatings that enable the development of innovative circular packaging solutions.

We have already started our own journey towards becoming a circular and digital packaging solutions company by not only developing circular solutions but also rethinking our own operations and business according to a circular approach.

  • Dedicated resources to drive the change inside and outside of Siegwerk include:
    • Circular Economy Hub (CE-Hub) → Central point of contact and hub for CE expertise
    • Circular Economy Change Agent Team  (CE-CAT) → They will drive the Circular Economy transformation across Siegwerk on a local level by supporting the CE-Hub with different activities and tasks at our sites around the world
    • Brand Owner Collaboration Team → supporting Brand Owners in implementing their targets
  • ca. 100 technology and business model development projects for realizing a circular packaging industry
  • Circular Economy as key part of the 2025 strategic direction: Becoming a circular and digital packaging solutions company.

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