Cooperations and Awards

Tested and found to be very good

We regard fairness as an integral part of what we do. That’s why we joined the “Fair Company” Initiative. Its objective is to provide students and young professionals with qualified practical career experience. It comes with a clear set of guidelines which the rules for employing interns are defined.

Fair Companies...

  • offer students internships, which serve to provide career orientation
  • give interns clearly defined tasks and objectives and appoint a dedicated contact person within the company
  • employ interns for a reasonable period of time
  • don’t fob college graduates, who have applied to them for permanent employment, off with an internship
  • remunerate interns adequately for their time
  • provide transparency in relation to what internships involve in terms of tasks, contact persons and objectives and in relation to the set of guidelines

Siegwerk was awarded the Fair Company Seal for its socially responsible and transparent corporate culture.

Equal pay for equal work

The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs has awarded Siegwerk the “Logib-D Label” as part of the “Lohngleichheit im Betrieb - Deutschland (Logib-D)” [In-Company Pay Parity - Germany] project. To qualify, Siegwerk was subjected to an incomes analysis, which scrutinized the remuneration of men and women working for the company. The objective of the Federal Ministry’s “Logib-D” campaign is gender-neutral performance- and qualifications-based remuneration. We view this as a great opportunity to appeal in particular to female professionals and executives. Our remuneration system is fair and gender-neutral – as validated by “Logib-D”.

Calling all students!

We are committed to nurturing future generations of scientific talent. That’s the reason why we are participating in the ‘Germany Scholarship’ program ( The Germany Scholarship provides financial and non-material assistance to students and freshmen, whose CVs to date augur outstanding performance at college and in their careers. Here half of the funding is provided by the Federal Government and half comes from private-sector sponsors like Siegwerk.

Since we have very strong regional roots, we also support students at the local Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. On the one hand we award sponsorship awards for outstanding achievement and on the other we are committed to supporting the education fund by sponsoring two scholarships – one not tied to a specific subject and a materials science-specific Chemistry scholarship, which is of particular importance to our company.