Ink solutions facilitating packaging for proven waste streams

The challenge?

Paper packaging can be limited in scope, which is unfortunate because it has a well-established waste and recycling stream. There is therefore a need to facilitate a wider packaging paperization scope to utilize already existing waste streams. There is a challenge in reducing shelf life limitations when going away from film-based structures.

And when switching to paper, one must ensure compliance to recycling streams by avoiding unwanted/disrupting materials like PVC.

And of course paper packaging still needs to display branding and outstanding artwork reproduction to meet consumer expectations.

The solution?

  • Solvent-based and water-based colored and white inks available for consistent printing results
  • Printable barrier coatings to improve grease, aroma and water vapor resistance
  • COBB reduction coating to maintain package structure in moist atmospheres
  • Optional OK Compost Home certification (EN 13432) to ensure fast degradation

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