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Siegwerk – decades in a leading role

Siegwerk is one of the pioneers in publication rotogravure printing and is indispensable in this area of the printing industry. The company is rightly one of the world's most important manufacturers. The reason for this strong market position lies, on the one hand, in long experience and, on the other, in the high quality of the printing inks that are used, for example, for catalogues or periodicals with large print runs. Siegwerk also supplies heatset offset inks for commercial printing, which are used for:

  • Brochures
  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • Leaflets and inserts

The inks are suitable for printing coated papers as well as SC newsprint papers on high-speed printing presses. They meet today's customers' requirements regarding quality and process control in heatset offset printing.

Perfect results in coldset roffset printing also need finely adjusted printing inks for every requirement. In particular, a good ink-water balance, low set off and the prevention of smearing at high print speed and the use of different paper grades play an important role here. Siegwerk products include all areas of newspaper printing, such as:

  • Daily newspapers
  • Advertising journals
  • Newspaper supplements

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