Sustainable Production

Protection for people and the environment

Safety assumes certain standards. Our work is therefore based on order, cleanliness and standardized assessments of every workplace with regard to possible hazards. Our "Safety First" initiative promotes a global awareness of safety and sustainability by way of articles, specific topics and safety weeks. And with success - falling accident figures show that our commitment is worthwhile.

The production of printing inks sometimes involves inflammable substances. We avoid and reduce the risk of fire and explosion with systems and measures which sometimes go beyond the statutory requirements. At our Siegburg site, we rely on protection by our own efficient, in-house fire brigade.

Cycles and closed systems

Solvents pollute the air and are a hazard to health. We therefore use closed systems. In production areas where closed systems cannot be used, process air extraction systems are the first choice. As an example, at the Siegburg site, a total of 120,000 m³ of solvent-laden air is filtered every hour.

Another important point for us, and especially for our customers in the rotogravure illustration sector, is the recycling of solvents that evaporate during the printing process. In illustration rotogravure print shops, recovery systems are used to collect the solvent toluene, which is then used for new printing inks or for tank cleaning. Another example of the responsible handling of solvents is that we often supply our printing inks in economical, refillable transport containers. The world's largest system, which enables a thousand printing ink containers to be cleaned every day, can be found at our Siegburg site. The solvent-laden exhaust air from the cleaning plant is cleaned by means of an exhaust air cleaning system; the resulting waste heat is used elsewhere for drying the containers and operating a distillation plant.