Environmental Protection

At every turn

It is easy to wax lyrical about environmental protection. It is often much more difficult to act effectively. We are therefore pleased that, in recent years, we have succeeded in doing many things for the benefit of sustainable environmental protection. In this regard, we are not only thinking of our production facilities but also the delivery paths and use by our customers. Some examples are the improved utilization of loading capacities, flexible usage options, and the avoidance of empty journeys in logistics.

Intelligent logistics

In recent years, we have also made increasing use of large containers and multi-chamber tankers that enable different products to be transported with just a single journey. At our Des Moines site in the USA, spoilers and special tires on our trucks enable us to save around 170,000 liters of gas every year. At the same time, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 454 metric tons. Our Siegburg site has its own private railroad connection. By transferring many shipments to rail, we have been making a significant contribution to environmental protection for more than 50 years. In addition, a bonus-penalty system motivates management to comply with CO2 limits when using their company vehicles. This means that anyone who exceeds the limit must pay in cash. Those who remain below it receive a bonus.

Sustainable energy management

We operate an in-house energy management system in accordance with DIN EN 16001 and employ two certified energy efficiency managers at our head office. They continuously monitor and control energy consumption. However, energy is also saved in many other areas:

  • Use of waste heat from compressors for heating buildings
  • Heat recovery in steam generation systems
  • Use of systems for preventing current peaks
  • and much more ...