Local projects

Rapid help – carefully considered

Siegwerk's individual national companies are able to carry out their own social projects. For good reason. They know at first hand where help is needed in the neighborhood. As with the flagship projects, the focus here is on the promotion of education and training for children and young people. However, in emergency situations, such as natural disasters for example, local means are assigned to the current need. Particularly in regions which are at risk from earthquake or flood, Siegwerk workers time and time again quickly come together to provide urgently needed immediate assistance in the form of food, furniture and other daily needs. Very often, our staff also include themselves in the "package".

Here is a selection of local projects:

USA: United Way of Iowa - Collection and purchasing of books for a literacy campaign

Germany: Pauline von Malinckrodt Children's Home - Renovation of grounds by Siegwerk employees

Poland: Financial support and prizes for a youth soccer tournament

France: UNICEF Marathon - Charity run for the benefit of the water supply in poorer countries

Switzerland: Veloflicknami - Bicycle repairs in a youth center

China: Children's home - support for disabled children

Malaysia: School partnerships - Renovation of buildings and support with material

Thailand: School partnership - Construction of a library

Indonesia: School partnership - Educational material for a primary school; support of sports activities

Chile: Earthquake relief - Collection and transportation of food and daily needs

Argentina: Paper and bottle-top recycling - the proceeds were used for the benefit of children suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease

Mexico: Tropical storm relief - Sponsorship package for the Red Cross