Flagship projects

Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam …

We provide local help to those who need help - with ideas, drive and financial means. In doing so, we follow a special path as we support our flagship projects for one year with highly concentrated efforts. In practice, this means that a project for promoting the education and training of children and young people is allocated a sum of 100,000 euros. For good reasons, the projects are always located close to a Siegwerk site. Our staff are on hand in the truest sense of the word to help and advise with a particular project even after the first year. "Help" means, for example, that our employees assist with renovation work, organize events or read to children. Everything that helps is supported, from a complete new building to the ongoing costs of day-to-day operation.

Our previous flagship projects at a glance:

2010: Financing of a new building in the SOS Children's Village Mexico City

2011: Siegwerk India Foundation with school and student sponsorships

2012: Financing of new buildings in an SOS training center in the Philippines

2013: Sponsorship for an SOS Children's Village in Brazil

2014: Assistance with a new building for a school for the deaf in Nigeria

2014: Sponsorship for an SOS Hermann Gmeiner School with kindergarten in Vietnam