Bearing the needs of future generations in mind

As a family business we are always conscious of the generations that are going to inhabit our planet after us. We cannot afford to be successful to the detriment of those who are going to follow in our footsteps. Doing business sustainably never puts the future at risk. That’s why we always bear the environmental, economic and social consequences of our actions in mind.

That applies to our inks, our entire production process, our customer relationships and our employees. 

Here’s an example from our production process: when selecting raw materials, a team of experts ensures that our company makes a sustainable choice of materials. A complex and closely monitored selection process factors in various aspects of industrial safety, consumer protection and environmental protection. All our suppliers have to undergo a multi-stage qualification process. 

In Production we focus on industrial safety and resource conservation. Thus, for example, modern exhaust air systems ensure solvent-free ambient air. The health and safety of employees must be guaranteed at all times when they are operating machinery or handling chemicals. 

We are also environmentally aware: we have developed innovative technologies – solvent recovery systems and returnable ink receptacles – which enable us to save on raw materials and to do our bit to protect the environment. 

More information are given in our sustainability brochure.