Responsibility as a family tradition

Siegwerk as a family-owned and globally operating company has a track record of sustainable market activities. It is the company's firm belief that there is no alternative to acting responsibly and delivering safe product solutions. As a globally recognized leader for safe packaging ink solutions, Siegwerk is fully committed to the SAVE FOOD initiative. Safe food and food protection is one of our biggest global challenges today - and food packaging plays an instrumental role.

Our decision to join the initiative was a very conscious one. Based on our extensive food packaging expertise and our sustainability policy we support our partners in the food packaging chain in the development of solutions which help to reduce food losses and increase the efficiency of the food logistics chain.

The Mango project

The Mango fruit is a key economic and nutrition factor in Kenya. The Mango project has been founded to reduce food losses by scaling up a dried mango production with a sustainable and profitable business case.

In the framework of the SAVE FOOD initiative Siegwerk supports its partners like Azuri Health along the value chain to expand sales activities, open new markets, optimize processes and reduce Mango losses.