That’s why Siegwerk makes sense

Good reasons for choosing Siegwerk as an employer

Siegwerk has all the advantages of a market leader at its disposal – it is internationally positioned and professionally managed. Nevertheless as a global player we are not an anonymous corporation. In this family-run business “Siegwerkers” are characterized by a strong sense of cohesion. Our objective-focused teams are made up of professional individuals. Short decision-making processes and a strong corporate culture that includes an elevated sense of responsibility are what characterize our day-to-day routines. That’s what constitutes that unique “Siegwerk spirit”.

At home in the Rhineland and right around the world

Our attractive location in Siegburg dovetails perfectly with this spirit. Its proximity to the Cologne/Bonn metropolitan region, superb transport links and its appealing location at the foot of the ‘Siebengebirge’ all make Siegburg an ideal place to live and work. Siegwerk has deep roots in the region and it also displays an active commitment beyond the factory gates. This regional strength is complemented by an international identity. Our 4,800 employees work in more than 30 countries – this is an ideal platform for gaining international experience. Assignments abroad, job rotation and career planning are all essential components of our corporate identity.

A “Siegwerker” is given the latitude to tailor their work to their specific situation. The company’s and the employee’s objectives are discussed at regular one-to-one employee and personal development meetings. Irrespective of whether we are taking advanced training, assignments abroad or agreeing targets and objectives – we are responsive to each individual employee and their needs.

We enable you to go further in life

We offer excellence programs for junior employees and executives, which serve as a personal/professional development platform and facilitate international communication. Here we attach a great deal of importance to the quality of the activities.

Our employees can also take advantage of a structured range of advanced training courses to complement their individual career advancement activities. We offer all these opportunities because we are convinced that investing in people is the best investment you can make. It is only when you have superbly trained, satisfied employees that you can ensure you deliver excellent products and services.